Nicest pitch in Carlow?

March 19th, 2015 by

Name that pitch.

Thanks to @SealyMonster for submitting.

Carlow Pitch

Destruction of significant Carlow historical artefact

December 16th, 2014 by


Sad scenes in Carlow Shopping Centre as the seats are removed from the old Carlow Cineplex.

These chairs witnessed everything from shifting to drinking and even some movie watching.

Their now toxic nature represents something of a health risk so let’s hope they are destroyed promptly.

Tea & Coffee World Carlow

December 9th, 2014 by

Monte Carlow popped into Tea & Coffee World Carlow today.  Located at 1 Castle Street, this is certainly one of the more unique shops in Carlow.


Inside is a huge selection of loose tea and coffee beans.  We availed of relaxation tea and an Americano to go.  Both went down well.


Great store for those crazing a greater choice of tea or coffee.  Also good for those seeking a more unique Christmas hamper!

Remembering William Dargan, Carlow’s famous engineer

June 10th, 2014 by

Hailing from County Carlow, engineer William Dargan is regarded by many as ‘The Father of Irish Railways’. Born in 1799, Dargan was raised in County Carlow, the son of a small tenant farmer. From these humble beginnings, Dargan went on to construct Ireland’s first railway from Dublin to Kingston in 1833. This momentous achievement provided urban centres of Ireland with over 800 miles of railway.

William Dargan in his 40s

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UFO sighting in Carlow!

February 10th, 2014 by

I am ready to serve and obey our new leaders in the sunny south east of Ireland!

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Carlow Castle – Emerging from the shadows

August 17th, 2013 by

Carlow Castle

The Carlow 800 festival kicks off this week, celebrating all things Carlow Castle related.  The festival is part of the nationwide programme of events Heritage Week, which will see counties across Ireland re-discover their roots.

Of course I am particularly looking forward to the Carlow 800 festival.  800 refers to the 800 years since Carlow Castle was first built.        Sadly only part of the castle remains today.  Ironically the reason for the partial destruction of the castle is similar to the reason I feel Carlow Castle is not the significant presence it should be in Carlow Town.

In the 1800’s a leasee of the castle undertook some badly planned reconstruction resulting in the destruction of a large part of the castle. Roll forward 200 years and further bad planning has hidden the historic structure from the Carlow skyline and perhaps the minds of locals.  Characterless, modern developments jutting into the sky that will be incapable of surviving a fraction of Carlow Castles’ lifespan surround the castle and nearby bridge.  Access to castle is via two understated roads.  It is almost as if the once powerful presence is shying away, no longer wanted by its surroundings.

‘Medieval Town’ is a phrase often used to attract tourists.  It is rarely a phrase used in relation to Carlow Town.  The Carlow 800 festival is a chance to tell the world about our medieval history but it is also a chance for locals to restore Carlow Castle to its former glory as a centre piece for the town.  Learn its history, appreciate its age and ensure it lives long into the future.

Carlow Sayings

May 18th, 2013 by

Carlow is the second smallest county in Ireland.  Despite its dimensions, Carlow has a diverse range of accents and dialects.  This generates some very entertaining local phrases.  Some of which are unique to Carlow, others are varied across the country.

Enjoy the list below, comment below to add your favourite Carlow sayings. Also #carlowsayings

  • Well lad – Hello
  • Jaysis lad – I do not believe it
  • Sound lad – This is ok
  • Ah lad – Please
  • Quare – very
  • Savage – good
  • Quare savage – very good
  • Carlah – Carlow
  • Go way ya thick ya – Please leave me alone
  • Going to the four venues? – Are you going to the Foundry this bank holiday weekend
  • Jaysis he hit him some belt – He assaulted his opposition man
  • Cmon the town – I hope Bagenalstown win
  • Superslaps – Local fast food establishment, Supermacs
  • Next to Buzz’s – Located on Tullow Street
  • Over near the cattle mart – Located near the Fairgreen Shopping Centre
  • Get fed – to eat
  • Im going to hop off you – I am about to assault you
  • Give us a shift – Please kiss me
  • The Wimpy – Local fast food establishment, The Golden Grill
  • Some chasis on her – A well proportioned female
  • Ah man – Ah lad

Barrack Street – A Shadow Of Its Former Self

July 26th, 2012 by

Derelict houses on Barrack Street, Carlow rightfully hold the title of ‘the town’s ugliest eyesore‘.  However this row of houses is just one of many elements that makes Barrack Street a fascinating snapshot of the changes Ireland has experienced.

Growing up, Barrack Street was such a significant fixture in Carlow.  The cattle mart, the bowling alley, Carpenters pub and funeral home, Doyles Of The Shamrock, buses to every match and concert you ever went to, Deanes shop, traffic jams on the way home from Dublin, a perfect row of parking, late night kebabs at Abra.  Door to door, colourful, low rise shop fronts that screamed Irishness.  As Irish town streets go, it had it all.

Sadly Barrack Street now resembles an aging glamour model with several botched plastic surgery procedures.  At the ‘Top Of The Town’ side of the street, the Carlow skyline is now dominated by a new development which replaced the bustling yard of Doyles of the Shamrock.

Cross the street to a building that I am sure once served a purpose.  However it has been gutted for so long, its original purpose is completely gone from my memory.  Picture below is slightly dated as the building now has board windows and subtle orange paint job.

Last orders have long been called at the John Tyndall bar.  A small row of paint flaking shop fronts remain with many businesses coming and going.  The bowling alley, like many businesses, is now conveniently located out of town on easily accessible ring road. The Cattle Mart and New Oak pitch are now a distant memory, replaced by the international brand names at the Fairgreen Shopping centre.

Abrakebra perseveres, now wafting the smell of kebab meat on to Fairgreen shoppers walking by.  Carpenters is one of few local Barrack Street strongholds remaining.  A rare constant through the good old days, the building boom and the recession.

Traffic has improved, largely due to the M9 bypass.  Carlow Town is no longer one of those towns on a major route where traffic is can be brought to a standstill by a single pedestrian at a level crossing.  For those that to take the Barrack Street route, two new roundabouts interrupt your passage through the street and hurry you on your way.  Which given the streets current state, may not be a bad thing.

While every town undoubtedly has areas suffering a similar fate, Barrack Street manages to cram so much in to such a small space.  The fading Irishness, the poor planning and the boarded windows skirting the global brands.  Despite some investments in town improvements recently, it is hard to imagine Barrack Street ever regaining its former glory.

What is the biggest field in Carlow?

July 11th, 2012 by

Answer me this, where is the biggest field in Carlow?!

Carlow Christmas Market

December 12th, 2011 by

A new Event in the Carlow calender, something that I hope becomes an annual event, happened last weekend. The Carlow Christmas Market.

With all the splendor of a European Christmas Market(Me, with first hand experience of them :) ), it kicked off in front of the Town Hall, in Hay Market square. Really was a good day, free pizza, some lovely choral and festive singing,  and ,most of all, the tree lighting up for Christmas!

Anyway….. I made a little video. Not the greatest. Was meant to make another video, and wasn’t prepared for doing this one. Have a little look anyway^^

YouTube Preview Image

P.S. apologies for the length in updating, busy few months for us admins! Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Crazy Kanza